Why Extracurricular Activities in School are Important in Your Child’s Development

Extracurricular activities in school are just as important as the lessons the children learn in the classroom. There are a lot of activities to choose from depending on what your child may be interested in- sports, arts, personality development, and a lot more. Aside from sparking your child’s interest in different things, extracurricular activities in school also help in your child’s holistic growth and development, which will prepare him for what tomorrow may bring.

Building Relationships

Extracurricular activities in school will help your child strengthen his social skills. Through experiencing new activities, he will have the chance to meet new peers and build positive relationships with them.  Doing activities with other children will help him learn how to collaborate with other people and how to work in a team.

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Fostering an Open Mind

As your child takes on extracurricular activities in school, he will also be exposed to different ideas and fresh new perspectives that he doesn’t usually get inside the classroom. He’ll meet people with different interests, which will help him learn and understand other people’s ideas and perspectives for him to foster a mind open to differences and diversity.

Learning Time Management

Now that your child is committed to extracurricular activities in school, he will learn how to properly manage his time so that he can excel both in academics and in the activity that he is interested in. Learning how to manage time properly and to stick to a schedule will help your child be prepared for college, and for the bigger world.



Having a Productive Break from Studying

Being engaged in extracurricular activities can give your child a break from studying, but still be productive in his spare time. Depending on which activities your child is interested in, he will have the opportunity to get some exercise, spend time with peers, create artworks, or simply unwind. Extracurricular activities in school will also help in lessening your child’s time spent on gadgets and computers.

At Diliman Preparatory School, we aim to mold well-rounded individuals by giving them the opportunities to explore their interests and hone their talents. Our students can join up to 3 extracurricular activities in school from the various clubs, organizations, and varsities we offer to let them maximize their talents and reach their full potential.


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